My 1ST TOEFL ITP Testing


Saturday, 29th August 2015, I had TOEFL (Testing of English as Foreign Language ) for the 1st time. The test was for the institutional purpose. Institutional means the certificate can only be used for certain institution , for instance enrolling university in Indonesia, several Asian and Asian Countries, some institution in Holland. How important is it?Of course, I need it so damn !.Without TOEFL ITP  I won’t be here as a grantee. The day test was done in State University of Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This was my 1st TOEFL ever. I used to dream someday I will having a formal testing then I can go abroad. Maybe it was just a little dream but can you imagine how I can be without it. I will not restate it anymore.
Being test taker for the 1st time becoming such an exaggerating thing. It was so special. I felt nervous and shaky. The testing was been held in Phinisi building. What a wonderful view. It represents Celebes culture with its architecture. I amazed enough before going to enter the room. I want to share my experiences. I have been carry by my friend (my one of best friend) who currently stayed in Makassar as Education Program Student (Now he is a bachelor, look for scholarship too). We went to the venue by motorcycle. It needs about 10 minutes to arrive. When we arrived in location, we still were waiting for 45 minutes. Fact, I came earlier than the others. This was a good habit, coming before a room is open. You can say “ I am a diligent” participant ( in Indonesia when you coming earlier for an event, you going be referred as diligent. In my mind is merely “good attitude”.

When  I just reached in front of the room. I saw many people was going to pay and collect their form identity but I was not. As I said before, I am the diligent participant. I did it the long time before. I sent money by ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)  and pictured the payment script and form then I sent them by Whatsapp. I  was just sitting and try to relax before my name called by officer. Some people sat beside me, and often open their TOEFL preparation notes. They looked so ready to face this. How about me? I just learned by myself. Honestly, I was not ready. OMG.  
Then the preparation test was being started. The guide room gave us some instructions how the mechanism of doing the test. Like usual, maybe like in TOEFL –like that, I had ever joined at my university. The test consist of 3 (three) Section: Listening, Structure, and Reading. There was a book (Guidance Book) where the answer sheet was taken from. Soon after we filled the identity in the taker test form. The test was being started.  I felt good at the moment, however in the 1st section, listening part, I lost my focus on it ( remember: 1st testing TOEFL). Fortunately, later, I got my concentration back. So I can do better in Structure and Reading parts.

The testing was quiet and silent. Good for me, because I could bring the drink to the room. But some testing places not allowed to do so ( I suggest not to do so). Unrealized, the time was over. We must leave the room soon after checked our answer sheet. I felt free. My friend told me the resulted usually be announced after 2 weeks( active work days). The new experience there, I met two awesome guys. They had taken a TOEFL course in Kediri, East Java for 3 months. I was envy to them. They looked so happy and optimistic to get a good score. Furthermore, both of them were the person who wants to apply LPDP too.

 I have to talk with them so many things. We discussed scholarship and TOEFL talks. We gave mobile contact one and another. After that, we went to the food court for having lunch. Our energy was decreased, that’s why we recharged it again. The moment that I will never forget because The girl (who is a taekwondo athlete ) lent me her two flash disk   (USB) which contains hundreds TOEFL material preparation, some CVs format and English learning videos. I was grateful that day. I pray and hoping we will grab scholarship and get the best result of our TOEFL score.

A few days later after the test. My friend sent a message then phoned me that the result had been revealed. Yusran , the men who I met got 563 points, Nilam the girl,  got 503 points and how about me. What I got was not like was I expected before (not truly fact based). Is it more than 500 or below 500 points ?. My hope before the test is more than 550 or exactly 500 so I can enroll at least to Japan or Holland universities. Unfortunately no try to be ungrateful but I was not really happy with the result. It was only 507.The score only can be used for domestic state universities for regular.” What I can do for this TOEFL score”! sounded by me. Should I go overseas by sending my applications to East Asian universities or taking the test again to gain >550, or maybe I’ll waiting for 2016 ( Hesitate and afraid that LPDP will be disappeared ). The reason why I took TOEFL test then I want to apply for REGULAR  selection for LPDP is because the affirmation was closed. I was really got in blue. FYI: affirmation selection just required minimum 400  points TOEFL ITP which is I should belong to.   I could not make decision strategically at the time. I contact my senior. They just gave the advice to take the test again. But the matter was financial. Maybe it was just a cheap for others but not for me. I think twice to do it again. A little consideration suddenly coming to my head. YES.Firstly I will apply REGULAR for domestic the I will move (taking risky ) if I passed but if not   I must waiting for the 2016 AFFIRMATION SELECTION. I STILL HAVE MAGICAL HOPES that there will be a miracle coming again like in the fairy tale stories…..

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