Where am I now ?

Everyone has a unique way to make a dream come true...

Started to pursue my dreams as a kid which I might not know for real at that time, it is maybe for something bigger or even "giant". Coming from an unfortunate family, shaped me into an independent person. I did my very best in every possible way I can. I was limited but I am limitless. Only He can stop me to go. Believe me! 

Let's come back to my kiddo life. I was very proud of myself for still existing up until today. After all hurricanes and waves in my life, now I could say that I have a portfolio for whatever I am facing today. I am versatile already.  

You know what, as a single fighter for my dream, is a privilege. I could not believe I am this far even without " real supporting from my " biological ancestors". Not because of their ignorance but because they just did not know what they have supposed to do. I used them as a powerful weapon through education and humanity. Three big continents in the globe have witnessed my mosaic journey dream, and surely more. 

I have two hands. I used it to write my ideas and express my words on paper/platform, and tell something to the world,  and two legs to step on to wherever I want and I did it! 

To anyone today who felt underrated and disrespected by somebody, or in an unfavorable environment, please keep going and never stop. Break your limit, crash the boundaries, and you gonna know that you are so close to making it true! 

Hold on!. I am on my way to claiming my " real victory" = SUCCESS! 

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