When You are Ready to Move On ?

Are we really ready to change our self to be a better person?

This is my first blog to write and share inspirational things in this blog use English. Yes Since I realized that most of my readers are foreigners. Well, without further do let simply go to our discussion. I am going to talk about how people change and how to commit to the decision that we made. 

I found a phenomenon in society that most of the people find it difficult to change their life when they face the traumatic things that always bring them to past thoughts. This is a big issue today. Many people starting to think that past life could significantly influence their life, however, this is not always the case. We know that trauma needs to be cured, when its cured then it is gone that will not comeback. I  understand that sadly things sometimes it is easy to return to your brain and try to remind you about everything. It is a matter of strategy of thinking. I read the article even scientifically proven that 'positivity' can kill the ' negativity'.

How do we implement ' positivity'?  

That is actually easy, when you find something strange in your thought then you simply ignore it and simply sift it to other positive energy that brings you in the normal situation. 

Problems come up when we never change our way of thinking and way of life. Thinking can kill you and also can make you alive. Imagine how many billions of people in the world suffering from mental illness because the ' wrong decision' that they made, YES made by their negative thoughts. 

Even psychologist acknowledge that positive thinking is effective to kill any unhappiness feeling, miserable condition by simply change the way of thinking. 

Another thing that you have to think that this life is only once, It is so pitying to just simply wasting time to think and act negatively. Appreciate the prestigious ' LIFE' which given to you, remember only ONE LIFE FOR EACH! 

I hope this short paragraph will inspire you to be more loving and caring as well as think positively in thinking.  Be ready to be a better person! 

Thanks, Good People! 

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